Toastmaster Cool Edge Griddle ($20)

This plug-in griddle is great for camping and outdoor use where an electric power source is available. Good for making eggs, grits, bacon, sausages, sauteed veggies and more. Griddle has a white cool edge base to prevent injury and a backstop to keep food from sliding off.

Features include a 10" x 20" non-stick angled cooking surface to allow grease to drip away from the food and into grease trap. Grill can be immersed in water (once power cord/temperature regulator is detached) for easier cleaning.

Comes with grease trap and detachable power cord/temperature regulator which allows you to heat griddle anywhere from 200 to 400 degrees. Extension cord included with purchase.

Vegetable Steamer ($5)

Awesome little device. Just place it in a pan with an inch water inside, place the veggies on top of the steam and presto! Healthy steamed vegetables. Also great for steaming dumplings. Great if you're into waste reduction and not a fan of the microwaveable disposable steam bags.

Close it up when you're done to make storage much easier. You can also hang it on a nail by the steel ring in the middle.

Little metal feet on the bottom help keep the steam above the water, making sure your veggies are always steamed, never soggy. And at $5, it pays for itself the first time you use it!

Ginny's Deep Fryer ($25)

This is a Ginny's brand deep fryer with an retail price of $70.

Here's the description from the Ginny's website.

Ginny's Brand 3.5-qt. Deep Fryer makes family cooking quick and convenient. For its size, it's a real powerhouse with a fully immersible 1500-watt heating element. In minutes, it heats to desired temperature (up to 375° F) and recovers quickly between batches. Because oil stays hot throughout, food absorbs less of it and comes out consistently crisp and golden brown. 60-minute timer keeps meal prep on schedule. Body has cool-touch side handles and holds an enamel-on-steel cooking pot and a vented stainless steel lid with round glass viewing window and charcoal filter (replacements sold separately). Chromed wire mesh basket (9 3/4" l x 5 1/2" w x 3" d) has a removable handle. Everything except control panel and heating element is dishwasher safe.
It has only been used a few times, is in working condition and is good for outdoor events in which a power source is available. Free 5-foot extension cord with purchase. Seller will demonstrate the device is fully functional to prospective buyers.

Nude Humor Booklet from 1936 ($50)

This is a mini comic book from 1936 consisting of 12 cartoons/jokes. It is in excellent condition but a bit faded on the cover. If you wish to read the cartoons depicted above, feel free to download each image and rotate them yourself. There is no author noted in the booklet.

Chickens in a Blanket ($10)

Do you need a last-minute gift, appetizers for a party or just have the munchies? Then order a party platter of chickens in a blanket. It's like pigs in a blanket, except with chicken franks instead of sausage and bacon. With tasty little franks smothered in a layer of buttermilk biscuit and yellow American cheese, chickens in a blanket are a welcome guest at any party, make great gifts and are a healthier alternative to traditional pigs in a blanket.

Mouth-watering chickens in a blanket are great for entertaining whether you're throwing a backyard barbecue, a party all by yourself or even a pot luck.

The platter is made by ItaliaRican Kitchen, a New York-based catering company whose meals, pastries and hors devours have been enjoyed at public events, flea markets, private parties and corporate meetings. Each platter comes with 20 chickens in a blanket, with discounts offered for bulk orders. Don't have time to pick them up? ItaliaRican Kitchen will bring them to you, free of charge, provided your location is within the reach of New York City public transportation. Why bother paying more for stale, refrigerated or frozen party platters at your local supermarket when ItaliaRican Kitchen can guarantee fresh, delicious (not re-heated) hot snacks for you and your guests?

Order a platter today, and you'll have trouble eating just one!

Lenox Lowell Pepper Mill ($10)

This pepper mill is one of many Lenox Lowell china dinnerware pieces, also for sale here.

Like the other pieces in the Lowell collection, this white porcelain features a 24 karat gold trim. Whole black peppercorn can be filled into the mill and freshly ground when needed.

Lenox Lowell Salt Shaker ($10)

This salt shaker is one of many Lenox Lowell china dinnerware pieces also for sale here.

Like the other pieces in the Lowell collection, this white porcelain features a 24 karat gold trim. This shaker is 5 3/4" high.